Dining With A View

by Dana Smith

A Sip of Fresh Coconut in Bohol

Bohol is one of the Philippines’ most famous tourist destinations, famed for its white sand beaches lined with coconut trees, magnificent diving, surreal Chocolate Hills, and many other stunning natural and tropical attractions. Last year, I decided to finally visit Bohol on my birthday alone.

I had many exciting restaurants and activities on my list to try. One of them was the Bohol Bee Farm. I love farms and I love the beach – but put together, this makes for a dream come true!

I decided to spend my birthday at the farm. I hired a motorbike driver to pick me up from my resort which was around 20 minutes away. Hunched on the back, I enjoyed the most scenic ride to Bohol Bee Farm.

The tropical breeze caressed my face and I was enthralled at the scenic landscapes we passed. Miles of tall grasslands, coconut trees, and resorts were just some of the things I saw while on the ride to Bohol Bee Farm.

When I arrived, I walked through a pebble-strewn parking lot and saw a shop by the entrance of Bohol Bee Farm. I walked in and was captivated by all the bee products: golden honey glistening in bottles, bee propolis, colorful rattan souvenirs, the scent of flowery handmade soaps wafting through the air… just the shop alone was already a treat for the senses.

I looked around but decided to postpone the shopping for when I was about to leave. Across the shop was a small garden filled with dozens of herb pots. I walked in to take a peek, and the aromatic scent of arugula, spearmint, oregano, and tarragon tickled my olfactory senses and put a smile to my face.

I continued to walk into the resort and a few steps led me down to the wide terrace set on a cliff. It was a sunny day and I was greeted by sweeping views of the ocean in all shades of blue.

Only a few tables were occupied, and a table for two right by the edge of the terrace called my attention. Having a table to myself with the full glory of the sea and sky right in front of me seemed like the perfect way to enjoy my solo birthday lunch. I breathed deeply and savored the fresh, crisp, salty air.

I spotted a platform down by the shore which was part of the Bohol Bee Farm property and immediately decided that it was the perfect spot for me to catch some sun while reading a book after I ate.

A friendly waitress approached me to take my order. I asked for the Bohol Bee Farm special house salad, and an iced tea since I felt like having a light meal. I wasn’t prepared for how beautiful and tasty my salad was: it was the first time I ever ate a salad that used edible flowers, which was easily the most colorful meal I’ve ever seen.

Purple, orange, red, and white flower petals created a stunning contrast on a bed of greens and croutons, and I scarfed down the delicious salad with gusto. It was delicious, satisfying, and healthy! I paid the bill and headed down.

After walking down dozens of steps I was finally at the platform, which was open-air and had no cover. I laid my towel out on one of the tanning beds, ordered a drink, and began reading my book.

I sipped on fresh coconut out of the fruit while enjoying the warm tropical sun beaming down on me, a refreshing breeze, and occasionally took breaks from reading to stare out at the beauty of the ocean across me. It was the best way to spend my birthday.